For The Love of Stories

I have always loved stories. For as long as I can remember, telling them, hearing them, writing them in journals, checking out library books, spending way too much time and money in book stores nursing endless cups of coffee.

We humans have always loved a good story. Did you know the first story ever written was over 3,000 years ago? It was The Epic of Gilgamesh, which was a mythologized account of the historical figure Gilgamesh who ruled sometime between 2700-2500 BC. King Gilgamesh and his crazy quest for eternal life is a story that is still shared today. It can be found on Amazon. Unfortunately it is no longer available on clay tablets but you can get that on your Kindle tout suite. What can’t you find on Amazon, amirite?

I fondly remember the books that cemented my love for stories. Around the age of ten, I was spending the day with my Grandmother and her best friend Toni. Toni handed me the Chronicles of Narnia box set by C.S. Lewis and whispered, “Here kid, this will change your life.”

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

C.S. Lewis

Holy shit was she right!!! The next few days were a blur. I ignored family and friends and spent my time immersed in kings, queens, wars, inter-dimensional travel and TALKING ANIMALS. From that moment on, I knew that books could take me to places real life most likely never would.

So that brings us to the present. Why on earth am I writing this? Who the hell am I and why should you care? Well, over the years my reading has slowed. You know how it goes – job, babies, running a house, yada yada yada.

I have set a goal for myself this year to get back to doing things that fill my cup. I have plunged back into the world of books, because I believe in the importance of stories. A good book can rip us open, gut us, make us whole, change our perspective, usher in empathy, get those wheels of the mind turning. Books are AMAZING and their possibilities are endless! But what fun is it to read and not share these stories? I hope you will join me on this journey.

On these pages, I’ll share my thoughts on the books I have read. And I get it, opinions on books are exactly that, only an opinion. But hopefully through this blog, you will learn a little bit more about me and my reviews will be a helpful way to guide you onto your next reading experience.

So be sure to check here for weekly posts, check out more of my reviews on Goodreads and follow for even more fun on Instagram. Let’s have some fun!

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