Review Policy

I am currently accepting requests!!! Thank you so much for considering me as your reviewer! Please read fully before submitting your request.

I Am Currently Accepting

– Review Requests
– Interviews
– Giveaways

Types of Books I Am Accepting

Genres that I accept: I pretty much love and will review almost all fiction. Send your stories to my shelves!  Non-fiction isn’t really my thing. My favorite genres are:

– Historical Fiction
– Fantasy
– Contemporary
– Mystery
– Romance
– YA
– Comedy
– Science Fiction

Honesty Policy

disclaimer: I am honest in my reviews. I strongly believe in providing honest reviews regardless of whether you provided me with a free copy. That’s the whole point of a review. While I may end up loving books that most others hate and vice versa, I will always give my full and honest opinion. I will provide constructive criticism in my review. I apologize if this offends but I also recognize that my reviews are totally based on my personality, genetic make-up, preferences, etc., etc., and like snowflakes, are completely unique to me.

My Ratings

5 Stars – This book is the equivalent of a soul mate. I’m OBSESSED. I lost much sleep reading this book into the wee hours, pissing off my husband the lightest sleeper in the universe. I want to shout my love for this book from the rooftops. It will dominate all conversation for the next three weeks. I may lose friends over this but I don’t care. The characters will haunt me in the best way for an inappropriate amount of time.

4 Stars – I really liked this book. I really enjoyed reading it, it was a real page turner. I highly recommend this book. Did it shake me to my core, nope but it was well written with great characters and I think the masses will agree and enjoy.

3 Stars – It’s middle of the road. There was great promise in this book but for one reason or another, it just didn’t meet its potential. It could be a character issue, story structure or pacing, but for whatever the reason it fell a bit short.

2 Stars – It’s not scratching any itches. This book is just chock full of issues. Maybe at one point there was a glimmer but it’s just broken too many rules to pass the sniff test. Hard pass.

1 Star – That’s a no for me dog. This book is the equivalent of a meal you send back. It was painful and a struggle for me to finish, if I finished it at all. Chuck it in the fire, at least it will warm us a bit.

Social Media Policy

After I read and review, I will post my review to my Blog, Goodreads, Twitter and Amazon. I will also post images of books that I enjoy on Instagram.


Please allot 4-6 weeks for my review to be posted. If you do not see my review posted by the 6 week mark, don’t hesitate to send an email.